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eRecyclHub is an online platform that connects businesses with excess recyclable materials to recycling facilities, streamlining the process of buying and selling recyclables.
Businesses can showcase their available recyclable materials on the platform, and recycling facilities can browse listings to find materials they need. The platform facilitates communication and transactions between sellers and buyers.
eRecyclHub is beneficial for businesses in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and services, both as sellers and buyers of recyclable materials.
The platform supports a wide range of recyclable materials, including but not limited to paper, plastic, metal, and electronic waste.
eRecyclHub offers three subscription plans: Basic Plan at $15/month, Standard Plan at $30/month, and Premium Plan at $50/month. Subscribing annually comes with a 20% discount.
Yes, eRecyclHub offers a 1-month free trial to allow businesses to experience the platform's features before committing to a subscription.
To register, simply visit our website and follow the registration process. You can choose your preferred subscription plan or start with the free trial.
eRecyclHub prioritizes security. Transactions are conducted securely through the platform, and user data is protected using industry-standard encryption.
Yes, the platform provides tools for users to track the progress of their transactions, from listing materials to completing the sale.
By facilitating the efficient exchange of recyclable materials, eRecyclHub supports the circular economy, reduces waste, and promotes sustainable business practices.


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