Why Recycle?

In Jordan, every year 2.2 million tons of solid municipal waste goes to landfills, become litter, and pollute our waters, growing annually by 5% of which only 7% is recycled or salvaged mainly by the informal sector. According to the National Solid Waste strategy, formalizing the informal waste recycling and materials recovery sector has become an economic opportunity to sustain landfill infrastructure, improve livelihood of many poor marginalized Jordanians and offer decent jobs for host communities. Recycling protects resources from depletion, allows communities to manage the amount of trash they have to handle, and protects the environment by saving water and greenhouse gases as well.

eRecycleHUB is a leading platform specialized in aggregation and segregation of recyclables. We take concrete steps towards our aim of zero waste to landfill with our innovative & environment friendly disposal practices. eRecycleHUB is a social impact tech startup that wants to make waste management both more environmentally and financially sustainable by formalizing the role of the waste picker and offering their services to customers via an app. eRecycleHUB recycling service providers, is going to change current waste generators’ behaviors by offering a door-to-door waste pick-up service via an app.